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The Commandant of the revolution Raúl Díaz Naranjo.
(... before execution they extracted blood from Diaz)

The Commandant of the revolution Raúl Díaz Naranjo, is another official of high range that starts to conspire against the communist direction of the revolution.

When Raúl Diaz is discovered, the communists take him to the Prison of Boniato in Santiago de Cuba, and they gave him a farce trial, and was condemned to death. The day of their execution, 15 August of 1964, he was taken to the infirmary.

Boniato prison in Santiago de Cuba

When he returned from the infirmary and walked near the galleys, the political prisoners heard his voice as he screamed to them: "They have almost taken out all my blood". When the news spread, Political Prisoners began to sing the Cuban National Hymn.

In those first years, the highest military range was of commandant

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