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The most complete publication of deaths due to communism in Cuba. (Unfortun
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Who are we?

Location: Aguada de Pasajeros, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Names of thousands murdered in
communist Cuba

US citizens killed by
Castro's tyranny

Howard F. Anderson.
Citizen of USA executed in communist Cuba

Andrew De Graux
Citizen of USA executed in communist Cuba

William Morgan
Citizen of USA executed in communist Cuba

Robert Otis Fuller Citizen of USA executed in communist Cuba
And two other Americans

Thomas W. Ray Killed in action while piloting a B26 in the Bay of Pig invasion.

The murder of 3 Americans.,
shot down while flying humanitarian mission.


Letter of Fidel Castro to Nikita Khrushchev where he encourages the Soviets to launch a first nuclear attack against USA

The eighteen-wheeler of death. Members of 2506 Brigade were asphyxiated

41 were murdered.

Massacre in Santiago city.
72 people were executed

21 Cuban Freedom Fighters from the Escambray mountains, who were executed in one day

The first leaders of the democrat Farmer Guerrillas executed in the Escambray mountains

The history of Commander Pedro Sanchez Gonzalez
Leader of the Farmer Guerrillas

The history of Commander Julio Emilio Carretero, Leader of the Farmer Guerrillas, and eleven men under his command that were executed by the communist.

The story of Commander Tondike, a leader of the Farmer Guerrillas executed after enduring second degree burns

Embassy of the Vatican in Havana The execution of three brothers, One of them a minor  

The lawyer Edmunda Serrat Barrios murdered in Villa Marista headquarters of the Cuban State Security Police.

Sister Aida Rosa Perez a nun of the Sisters of Charity who died in a communist jail in Cuba without medical assistance

Julia Gonzalez who died in a political prison in communist Cuba without sufficient medical assistance.

The story of a young woman Teresa Saavedra that was gang raped in the headquarter of the State Security Police in Santa Clara, Cuba

Arnaldo Socorro, a Martyr of the Catholic Chuch in Cuba

The Commandant of the revolution Raúl Díaz Naranjo.
(... before execution they extracted blood from Diaz)

Pedro Luis Boitel President of the student body (representing the Engineering Faculty - Havana University), who died as a political prisoner in Cuba jail after 53 days in hunger strike

Places where Cubans have died due to Cuban communism

Some of most active or dismantled prisons in communist Cuba from 1959 where political prisoners have been shot, murdered, or left to die without medical attention

The inauguration of the Monument to the Cuban Political Prisoners that have been murdered or dead without medical assistance in communist prisons of Cuba.

Manuel Guillot Castellano
The walls of The Cabana trembled
with the voice of yet another patriot

Enrique Garcia Cuevas
Political prisoner suffers biological
and psychological experiments,
and he dies in strike of hunger.

CUBA: State-Sponsored Terrorism

Cuba continued to provide safehaven to several terrorists and US fugitives in 2000. A number of Basque ETA terrorists who gained sanctuary in Cuba some years ago continued to live on the island, as did several US terrorist fugitives. Havana also maintained ties to other state sponsors of terrorism and Latin American insurgents. Colombia's two largest terrorist organizations, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the National Liberation Army, both maintained a permanent presence on the island.


Who are we?
Some words from the Director's of South Circuit

South Circuit bulletin is made in the United States and is sent free to Aguadense families.
South Circuit is also sent to people inside Cuba.
South Circuit is a democratic publication that is published since 1981.

These publications of South Circuit in bulletins, the Internet, CD and books have the purpose of exposing to the current and future generations of Cubans the tragedy at this stage, so that Cuba never more falls in a totalitarian aberration.

All the information that appears on the Internet or in CD can be taken to write books, make documentaries, etc., whenever it is not for lucre
The CDs of South Circuit are sent free, without cost.

English version.

South Circuit thanks Carlos Fernandez for translation to English on most of the pages here exposed and some intellectual contributions. Also credit to Eloy Escagedo III for help in some translations.

Eloy Escagedo Lliraldi
Director of South Circuit.

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